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"Remote Area Training, Mentoring and Feral Animal Control"

Shaun helped our ranger team to meet milestones with feral animal management. Our aerial shooting program was carried out in a very professional and safe manner, the rangers have also received some training and guidance when writing our weapon SOP (standard operating procedures). We are very happy with the professionalism and will continue to use Shaun with our feral animal program.

Mark Wargent

Ewamian Ranger

Feral Animal Control

I have 15 years of Aerial shooting experience and instructing, I have conducted aerial shooting, Trapping and Pest management Planning  throughout the most remotest areas of Cape York, Gulf and the Torres Strait with DPI, Dept Defence, Biosecurity Queensland, QPWS, AQIS, DNR and Privately with Seymour Out Bush Pty. We currently have several Aerial Shooting Contracts and specialise in Aerial Shooting and night thermal control work.


SOB has immense practical experience in Training in very remote communities. Most of my work has been in indigenous communities in Cape York, Gulf of Carpentaria, PNG and Torres Strait Communities, which has taught me real time lessons in delivering Training that works.

Seymour out Bush can deliver training through Expert Training Group  RTO (30993)


  • AHC21020  Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem management 

  • AHC31421 in Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management 

  • Critical training in working in isolated Areas

  • Cultral awarness and Corprate & NGO training in working in remote indiginous communitys

  • Specialist training in Natural Disaster Response Training  




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Mentoring is the key foundation to any successful project or program, Seymour Out Bush strongest asset is Mentoring. 

You have to work as a team to help weather the political and personal storms to rise above the suspicions and daliy grind that is easy to use as an excuse to justify why you are not driving your-self.


  • Self determination

  • Self awareness

  • Self discipline

  • Life planning

  • Confidence

  • Connection to country (culture)

  • Teamwork & relationships

  • CommunicationRespecting differenceRoles

  • Specialist training in Natural Disaster Response Training  

Project Development
Senior Ranger Development
Senior Ranger development programs are happing as you read this, The overall goal of taking the Senior rangers through this, is a journey of self awareness and most importantly being able to judge one’s strengths and weaknesses in order to improve both self and lead a team in remote areas with Confidence
The validation course has been designed to validate the ranger’s skills and development so far. It incorporates the operational planning process with team building, leadership and empathy. It has been carefully crafted as a series of patrols to place pressure and enhance self development on each individual ranger as they take turns to act in the role as ranger in charge. It can also incorporate other Governemnt agencys and NGO's for there development to work safely in there work environments. 


"Remote Area Training, Mentoring and Feral Animal Control"

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