"Remote Area Training, Mentoring and Feral Animal Control"

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Our services focus on real time issues that effect your communities in order to achieve real outcomes. Our clients' most critical issues and opportunities are important, as you can't build a house without first establishing the foundations.

We work on all levels, social, learning, ownership, self-esteem, confidence and ranger strategies, marketing and technology across all areas for land conservation management. We bring an appreciation of culture that can aid the actions of a community by engaging our networks to enhance the ability for the community to feel a sense of ownership over the work done. 

Seymour Out Bush prides its self on delivering outcomes that are realistic, being honest and helping with the most  remote tasks. Specialist training in natural disaster response in remote areas.  Remote area operations with a proven track record

Training and Mentoring


Seymour Out Bush, community development prides its self on delivering outcomes that are realistic, being honest and helping with the most  remote tasks. Specialist training in natural disaster response in remote areas.  Remote area operations with a proven track record


Feral Animal Control


Seymour Out Bush has over 20 years of feral nimal on-ground control experience, from delivering training to aerial shooting and on-ground control. Producing management plans, risk assessments, mentoring in the delivery of feral animal projects including planning and evaluation. Shaun is fully CASA and Nationally Accredited in all Firearms and feral animal CERT's.


"No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

 Gautama Buddha, Sayings Of Buddha

Ewamian Rangers

“Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Rangers have had a close working association With Mr Shaun Seymour for the last seven years conducting Land Management activities within Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shires Lands and Waters”


“Shaun is held in high regard by Ranger Management and staff who have worked with, and more recently completed professionally delivered and accredited CALM related training

Robbie Morris

Environmental Manager

Pormpuraaw Land & Sea Rangers

Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council

"Remote Area Training, Mentoring and Feral Animal Control"